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 Streets of Anvil

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Akatosh the Divine

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PostSubject: Streets of Anvil   Mon Aug 23, 2010 3:33 am

Streets of Anvil

Anvil is a prosperous harbor city on the Gold Coast by the Abecean Sea at the very southwest end of Cyrodiil. It is located at the end of the Gold Road, past both Skingrad and Kvatch. Anvil consists of five districts: Castle Anvil, Chapelgate, Westgate, Guildgate and Harborside. The Countess of Anvil is Millona Umbranox. Her husband, the former Count Corvus Umbranox, disappeared ten years ago. Several citizens will comment on the Redguard influence on local house architecture, which are built in a similar style to that of nearby Hammerfell. County Anvil is a hilly territory and is dotted with Ayleid ruins and caves. The prevalence of Ayleid structures matches that of the rest of the province although the written histories of that time period never mention any events that deep in the Colovian west. Given their final flight into Valenwood the region may have been a late bastion of their declining influence, or perhaps the settlements were used as stepping-stones during the original colonization of Cyrodiil, Ut Cyrod. North of Anvil, along the Gold Road, lies the Brina Cross Inn that provides accommodation for weary travelers and merchants.

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Streets of Anvil
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