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 Imperial Guard Quarters

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Akatosh the Divine

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PostSubject: Imperial Guard Quarters   Mon Aug 02, 2010 9:24 am

Imperial Guard Quarters

The entrance from the Elder Council chambers leads into a hallway that surrounds the central rooms, a dining room and a sleeping quarters. The doorway at the opposite end of the hallway leads to the Elder Scrolls library.
The single door on the west side of the hallway reveals the dining room, with a large central table that holds twelve carrots, six strawberries, four blackberries, four cheese wedges, three apples, three loaves of bread, three ears of corn, a head of lettuce, four bottles of beer, and a bottle each of Surilie Brothers Wine and Surilie Brothers Vintage 415 and 399. A table in the north end of the room holds two more bottles of beer, and two non-respawning chests on the northwest wall can hold armor and weapons or gold and jewelry, while a third respawning chest holds potions. Two food cupboard sit in the north and south corners of the room, and a table in the south end holds another bottles of beer. Nearby sits two food barrels and a non-respawning clutter sack. Behind the table on the east wall sits another nine non-respawning sacks - seven with clutter and two with grain - and three food barrels.
The two doors on the east wall of the dining room both lead to the sleeping quarters. Two single beds lie against the west wall with a non-respawning armor/weapons chest at the foot of one and a potions chest at the foot of the other. Two of the three beds on the northern half of the east wall have non-respawning armor/weapons chests at the foot, the other a non-respawning gold/jewelry chest with five gold on top of it and another on the floor nearby. Another non-respawning armor/weapons chest sits at the foot of one of the three beds on the southern half of the wall, with potions chests at the foot of the other two. The fireplace here serves as an entrance from The Old Way during The Ultimate Heist. A table in the north end of the room holds two bottles of beer. Two clutter cupboards sit in the north and south corners of the room, with a silver dagger and longsword on top of the one in the south.

Elder Scrolls Wikia entry on this location can be found here.
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Imperial Guard Quarters
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