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Akatosh the Divine

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PostSubject: Lustratorium   Mon Aug 02, 2010 8:58 am


The alchemical center of the university is run by Julienne Fanis, who can be found mixing potions in the morning and wandering the Lustratorium in the afternoon. Three copies of Mystery of Talara, v 5 can be found in a bookcase near the entrance, and a clutter sack sits beside it. In the north corner a clutter cupboard sits near a counter with two compartments; it holds clutter in each, and on top sits two alembics and two retorts. A desk containing clutter in the west corner holds two mortars and pestles, bonemeal, and frost salts. Two more clutter sacks sit nearby. In the south corner a tall desk holds an alembic, two calcinators, two mortars and pestles, two empty lesser soul gems, and a sample of nightshade. A final two clutter sacks sit next to the desk and the bookshelf behind it holds a copy of the Alchemy skill book Song of the Alchemists. Two counters, one glass and one wooden, hold alchemy apparatus, with the wooden counter having a sample of nightshade and two lesser soul gems. A desk in the upper right corner of the room has a sample of bonemeal and frost salts on it. Also in the room are a cupboard and a book shelf containing a few books, including the Alchemy skill book Song of the Alchemists. Two chests of drawers lie at the foot of the stairs and both contain clutter. The door at the top of the stairs leads to the upper level.

Lustratorium Upper Level
This room serves as Julienne Fanis' alchemy workplace. She can be found here selling alchemy ingredients most of the day.
In the western corner a table is set with four apples, a loaf of bread, a cheese wedge, a sweetcake, and a bottle of Tamika's West Weald Wine. The cupboard behind it contains food and on top sits another three apples, a bottle of cheap wine, and a bottle of Surilie Brothers Wine. A clutter sack sits next to the cupboard. A wine rack on the northwest wall holds an additional five bottles of cheap wine, another five bottles of Surilie Brothers Wine, and a single bottle of Tamika Vintage 399. The barrel next to it holds random common ingredients. In the northern corner two alchemy apparatus counters hold an array of four retorts, three calcinators, three mortars and pestles, and two alembics. The cupboard behind them holds clutter, and the barrel beside it holds random rare ingredients. A desk in the alcove on the northeast wall contains clutter and holds a calcinator, mortar and pestle, and a retort. The desk in the alcove in the east corner also contains clutter and holds more apparatus; an alembic and a mortar and pestle. On the southeast wall a final desk contains more clutter and holds a calcinator, two mortars and pestles, and a sample of bonemeal. A clutter chest sits next to the desk. The single sack is the sole non-respawning container in this room.

Elder Scrolls Wikia entry on this location can be found here.
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