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 Skingrad Fighters Guild

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PostSubject: Skingrad Fighters Guild   Mon Aug 23, 2010 5:40 am

Skingrad Fighters Guild

Skingrad Fighters Guild is in the north end of the city, next to the Mages Guild and across from West Weald Inn. Ah-Malz, Fadus Calidius, and Parwen, the residents of the hall, all have a particular disdain for goblins and speak at length about it.
The building is divided into Skingrad Fighters Guild, Fighters Guild Upstairs, and Fighters Guild Basement. The front door of the building leads into a small entrance with a doorway on each side, and a set of stairs beyond them on each side. The doorway on the left reveals a dining room with a large round table that seats four. On the table are two bottles of cheap wine and a bottle of Tamika's West Weald Wine.
The door opposite this room leads into another dining room, this one with a long table that seats twelve. Two barrels stacked in the south corner contain clutter and/or repair hammers. The cupboard in the east corner contains food. A weapons rack in the north corner holds an iron warhammer and claymore. The display case next to it contains a dwarven ceremonial shield, which is partially outside the case due to bad placement. A garlic cluster hangs from the mantel next to the display case. In the west corner, next to the door to the Basement, a bookshelf holds an iron battle axe, shortsword, bow, and three iron daggers. A chest on top of the shelves contains clutter.
Both sets of stairs in the main entrance lead up to one large room. One single bed is against the southwest wall, and the chest at the foot of it contains clutter, as does the cupboard next to it. Four more beds are against the southeast wall, along with three more clutter chests. Another bed is against the northeast wall, with yet another clutter chest. A cupboard on the northwest wall also contains clutter. The stairs in this end of the room leads Upstairs.

For more information follow this link.
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Skingrad Fighters Guild
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