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 Codus Callonus's Book store

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PostSubject: Codus Callonus's Book store   Mon Aug 23, 2010 3:08 am

Codus Callonus's Book store

Codus Callonus is a bookseller in Ald'ruhn. While he is not directly involved in any quests, you may be directed to his shop in order to look for certain rare books.
If you ask him during the Courtesy quest for the Imperial Legion, he will give you a free copy of The Red Book of Riddles. He will also donate 10-20 gold to the Imperial Cult for Buckmoth Alms, if his disposition to you is high enough.
Codus Callonus is a veteran of the Imperial Legion and author. He wrote Mixed Unit Tactics based on his experience in Elsweyr, while serving at the Sphinxmoth Legion Fort.

For more information follow this link.
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Codus Callonus's Book store
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