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 ... Getting Started and character creation

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PostSubject: ... Getting Started and character creation   Mon Aug 02, 2010 11:06 am

The beginners guide to getting Started and character creation

The cage door opens up. Your shackles drop to the floor and your hands are finally free once more. You make your way through the desolate cave and as you pass through the exit the rays of the sun hits your eyes. Weary and dehydrated you are about to take your first step in the world of Tamriel. Welcome to The Elder Scrolls: Secret Stories!

This is one of the many ways you can start your journey in The Elder Scrolls: Secret Stories, the best Elder Scrolls Play-by-Post RPG there is. Of course, you are free to start it however you choose. Perhaps you are a High Elf potion maker or a Breton Knight. It is all up to you. Before you continue there is however a few things you need to know.

  • This is not a official game in the Elder Scrolls series and not supported in anyway by Bethesda Softworks and Media Technology Limited. The Elder Scrolls and all media related to the Elder Scrolls is the property of Bethesda Softworks and Media Technology Limited.

  • This is a so called Hardcore RPG, which means that everything goes as long as it stays within the Elder Scrolls universe. The Elder Scrolls: Secret Stories may contain depictions of violent, sexual, abusive and other actions some might find disturbing. Read discretion is advised.

  • The admins of The Elder Scrolls: Secret Stories claim the right to delete the account of anyone who persist violating the rules after being warned.

Now that all the dull yet important information has been handed to you there is also a few topics you should familiarize yourself with if you are new to the universe of the Elder Scrolls and/or Play-by-Post RPG's. They can all be found here in "the beginners guide to..." section. We recommend that you look over all these. After you have done so you are ready to create your character.

Character Creation

Creating a character is fairly simple. The first thing you must decide is if you want to play a custom character or a canon one (a character appearing in the game). To play a canon one you must be very familiarised with both the Elder Scrolls world and play-by-post roleplaying as well as making sure no one else is playing him or her already. If you want to play a canon character you can chose if you want to start off with a fixed level matching that characters level in the game or if you want to start from level 0.

Let us continue to how to create a custom character. To do so you simply need to post a Character Sheet under the
Character Profiles category. Remember to read the Example Character Sheet and to take your time when creating your character. You will hopefully be playing it for quite some time. When you create your character you must assign among other things race, class and birth sign.

In Tamriel there are ten playable races and the race you chose decides your starting attribute levels so make sure to chose wisely. Remember, your attribute levels effects what you are able to do in game. More about the races can be found here. The next thing you must decide is what class you are going to be. Depending on what class you chose you gain +10 to the attribute associated with that class as well as +5 to the attribute associated with that class each time you level up. More about classes can be found here. You must now chose your birthsign. Although mostly a way to deepen the history of your character in the Elder Scrolls: Secret Stories, the birthsigns do have some advantages. More about birthsigns can be found here.
If you have any problems with calculating your characters starting attribute levels then feel free to contact the admins.

Now that you have posted your character and familiarized yourself with the rules and playing style of this RPG you are free to jump right into the story and make your mark on the events. Shall you be a saviour or a destroyer? Only time will tell.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me or any of the other admins.
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... Getting Started and character creation
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