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 ... Play-by-Post RPG's

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Akatosh the Divine

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PostSubject: ... Play-by-Post RPG's   Mon Aug 02, 2010 10:12 am

The beginners guide to Play-by-Post RPG's


There are several ways to communicate your thoughts and speech with everyone.

Firstly, there is just standard speech. To indicate this just put whatever it is into speech marks. Of course you can put emphasis on words by italicising them with the tags like this as you would normally.

"Are you a elf? I don't like elves, they are UGLY!"

In the case of non-English language like Ayleid Language then put an arrow < > instead of speech marks around the speech. A variation is to use double arrows instead of a single one. Of course, the other character has to know and understand the language to tell what you said. Just because the player can read it.

Finally, if you are thinking to yourself then put tildes ~ ~ around the thought.

~My staff. I always hated these weapons, never wanted to use them.~


"Narrative" is a vague term. Here, it means any sort of action, what your character can describe around them and combat (yes, it is an action but it is a very important one so gets another section). They are all done by putting them *inside asterisks*.

*Jane ordered a drink and looked across the bar as the orchs entered. She had an inkling that they were the ones that confronted her in the spell store. There were many other patrons in the nar so it should have been easy for her to slip away if need be.*

Posting style
IC posts must use the standard notation as defined in the RP Notation thread.
IC posts should also be in English, any variety is fine but please try to use proper grammar/spelling/punctuation and absolutely no 1337 or TXT speak.
Most players use the third person in present tense when writing but you may use what is most natural to you. Similarly, there are no maximum or minimum limits; write an amount that suits the situation. Good posts will have detail and description in abundance. Remember that we are here to create a believable and living world worthy of the Elder Scrolls.

Questionable content
This is a Hardcore RPG, and that means that anything goes. No one will ever get banned for writing something disturbing, no matter how strange it may be as long as it fits within the Elder Scrolls universe. However, this does not mean that you can simply run around an annoy your fellow players. Just as long as you pay attention to all that I have described above then you should be able to steer clear of being banned.

Moderation and timeline
All characters must act according to their race, birth sign and so on when it comes to powers, skills and abilities. This is not a ranked RPG, which means that players do not have a set rank. This gives the player allot of freedom but also allot of responsibilities. For example, if a senior mage attack you, a homeless beggar then you will not be able to defeat him. Act according to logic. Also, do not start of your character as a all powerful being, this will be boring for both yourself and your fellow players since you will have no where to go and evolve the character.

When fighting, always remember that it isn't about winning or loosing but working with your opponent to progress both the story and your characters. Be mindful of your own level as well as the level of your opponent. If your opponent has a much higher level than you then it is rather illogical for you to dodge his or her every attack as well as landing blows. In the end it is the writing skills, story value and the level and attributes (ranged, melee and magic attack) of the characters that determines who is the winner.
Combat is undertaken in a turn-based style similar to that in boardgame RPG's in that you can make your attack but you must let your opponent respond to it and they will then let you respond to their counter-attacks. The result of your attacks are reliant on the individual being attacked, you cannot determine the effect on your opponent.
Likewise, the receiver cannot ignore or change the incoming attack although they may, if possible, dodge/deflect/parry the attack; however they handle it they must acknowledge the attack in some way, normally by taking damage.
You may automatically claim a hit after 48 hours of no response but you do not have to. For the sake of the story, it may be better simply to learn patience. Go do some work or catch up with the sun instead.
Fatal, limb-severing or other grievously wounding attacks are not allowed without the receiver's permission. Admins should be notified of character deaths.
Finally, godmodding/meta-gaming/power-playing of ANY form is strictly forbidden.

Using the notation for narrative battles:

*Having been chased out of the bar by the orchs, Jane focused her mana and watched as her opponents walked into the door. She then jumped over the orchs as they approached and hurled fireballs at them.*

To receive hits, simply add narrative that you do so and make a suitable change to your health, indicated by Health Current Hit points/ Max Hit points- or some other wording.

*The orch's leap came at Jane out of nowhere and she caught the attack on her shoulder.*
-Health 45/50-

If you have any questions please feel free to contact the Nine Divine (admins).

Take care and stay active!
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... Play-by-Post RPG's
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