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 Elder Scrolls Library

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PostSubject: Elder Scrolls Library   Mon Aug 02, 2010 9:24 am

Elder Scrolls Library

The first level of the library is another circular hallway. Following the hallway counterclockwise leads to a door to the second level hallway. The door on the inside wall of the first-level corridor, in the western part of the hallway leads to another, smaller hallway. Following this corridor counterclockwise leads to a lever that opens the door into the library itself, which is found by following the hall clockwise. The second level hallway is also circular; the door at the end counterclockwise leads to the Moth Priest's quarters, while a doorway on the inside wall in the western portion reveals the second-level balcony of the central library.
In the library, seven tall bookshelves line the west wall. The southernmost holds two non-respawning clutter sacks and seven notable books: Aevar Stone-Singer; Azura and the Box; Dwemer History and Culture; Feyfolken I, II, and III; and History of Lock Picking. The next holds two bottles of Surilie Brothers Wine. The bookshelf beside it holds several ingredients: three samples of ironwood nut, two mandrake roots, two samples of columbine root pulp, a daedroth tooth, fire salts, a white seed pod, a sample of harrada, and wisp stalk caps. The central set of shelves holds two more bottles of Surilie Brothers Wine, as do the shelves next to it. The bookshelf beside the northernmost holds two expert chameleon scrolls and an expert detect life scroll along with a non-respawning jewelry chest. The northernmost bookshelf holds another non-respawning jewelry chest and a copy of The Third Door. A chair sits at the pedestal in the center of the lower level, where you receive the Elder Scroll during The Ultimate Heist.

Elder Scrolls Wikia entry on this location can be found here.
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Elder Scrolls Library
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