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 The Main Ingredient

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PostSubject: The Main Ingredient   Mon Aug 02, 2010 8:08 am

The Main Ingredient

The Main Ingredient is an alchemy store located in the Imperial City's Market District. It is found close to the Gate to the Arena District, next to A Fighting Chance.
The proprietor, Ogier Georick, has 800 gold.. When bartering, he will buy and sell potions, alchemical equipment and ingredients. His wares include the unique hood Mantle of the Woodsman, which drains your Strength and Endurance whilst fortifying your Speed and Alchemy. The Main Ingredient is divided into three areas: The Main Ingredient, The Main Ingredient Private Quarters and The Main Ingredient Basement.

Elder Scrolls Wikia entry on this location can be found here.
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The Main Ingredient
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