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 Dexter Cardo

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Dexter Cardo


Appearance : 2 Ranged attack : 2010-11-16

PostSubject: Dexter Cardo   Tue Nov 16, 2010 8:44 am

Basic Info

Name: Dexter Cardo
Gender: Male
Class: Assassin
Race: Bosmer (Wood elf)
Birthsign: The Thief
Brief History: Dexter Cardo was born twenty four years ago in a far away land. At a young age he lost his mother in a bandit raid, causing a deep darkness to manifest within Dexter. A few years later he and his father moved to Balmora where they settled and started working as dock workers. For a few years all was well. They earned a few coins, at least enough for food, drink and shelter as well as the occasional visit to the South Wall Cornerclub. But then one day while unloading a cargo ship brining supplies from Vivec a crate got loose and crushed Dexter's father. The darkness in Dexter grew deeper, larger and darker and now he lurks in the shadows, a ghost of his former jolly self.

Attribute levels

Level: 1

Hit points: 20
Ranged attack: 2
Melee attack: 2
Magic attack: 2
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Dexter Cardo
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