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 Laurie Lovell Character Profile

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Laurie Lovell


Appearance : 7 Ranged attack : 2010-11-15
Melee attack : 26
Magic attack : Weak Fireball

PostSubject: Laurie Lovell Character Profile   Mon Nov 15, 2010 3:17 pm

Basic Info
: Laurie Lovell
Gender: Male
Class: Monk
(+10 agility, Willpower)
Race: Breton
Birthsign: The Theif
(+10 agility, speed)
Brief History: Laurie was a born theif, unfortunatly he wasn't very good and kept getting caught, eventually hid Parents sent him off to become a Monk, hoping that religion would put him on the right path. But they were mistaken. Laurie was soon caught trying to sell the Candlesticks and pews. He was thrown into the Imperial prison.

Attribute levels
Endurance: 30
Intelligence: 50
Luck: 50
Personality: 40
Speed: 30
Strength: 40
Willpower: 50

Resist Magic:

Level: 1

Hit points: 20
Ranged attack: 1
Melee attack: 2
Magic attack: 3
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Laurie Lovell Character Profile
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