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 Colovian Highlands

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PostSubject: Colovian Highlands   Mon Aug 23, 2010 12:32 pm

Colovian Highlands

Colovian Higlands is the plateau on the western edge of Cyrodiil. The borders of Hammerfell lie to the west. The Black Road extends a short way into the region from the eastern border. The regions of Gold Coast and West Weald border on the south, and the regions of Jerall Mountains and Great Forest on the east.
Vegetation in the region is sparse. There is a reasonable concentration of Mandrake along the border with Hammerfell, some Clouded Funnel Cap to the north, plus Motherwort and Viper's Bugloss in the south west, but apart from those the highlands are an area of bare rock, wispy grass and light forestation.

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Colovian Highlands
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