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The beginners guide to Factions

Belonging to a faction can enhance a player's game experience by providing them with a group of familiar people with whom they can interact but it also has monetary benefits. Each faction gets a set sum per month and member. Half of the sum goes to the faction and the other half to the member. There are currently four factions or guilds that a player can join.

Dark Brotherhood
The Dark Brotherhood is a guild of professional assassins with considerable influence and power. It is similar to Morrowind's Morag Tong, but despite a common misconception is a completely separate organization; also, the legality of this organization is much more limited than that of its older cousin. Entry is governed not by completing a given task, but by the Brotherhood observing you committing murder.
The Dark Brotherhood is a guild of assassins shrouded in shadow and mystery. The Brotherhood can be found all over Tamriel and, although their business is certainly not legal, they are almost universally tolerated out of intimidation, rather than respect.

Fighters Guild
The Fighters Guild, present across all of Tamriel, provides a common, and more importantly, public place of training and study for those of the warrior persuasion. The guild is a professional organization chartered by the Emperor to regulate the hiring and training of mercenaries. Training, goods, and services are cheaper for members, and the Guild Stewards know where to find work.
The Fighters Guild was founded in the 320th year of the 2nd Era by Versidue-Shaie at the suggestion of Dinieras-Ves "the Iron" to provide for public order without having to resort to standing armies. At first, it was called The Syffim ('soldiers' in Tsaesci). Although it began as an Akaviri-only organization, it eventually opened its doors to all races.

Mages Guild
The Mages Guild is a professional organization, located throughout Tamriel, that is dedicated to the study and application of magicka and alchemy. Its charter from the Emperor specifes that the guild must provide magic services to the general public. Anyone can purchase potions, potion ingredients, magical items, and a selection of standard spells from the guild. However, training, goods, and services are cheaper for members, and the Guild Stewards may be able to provide members with work. Furthermore, exclusive services such as spellmaking and enchanting, deemed potentially dangerous to the public at large, are only made available to higher-ranked guild members in good standing.
The Mages Guild is led by an Arch-Mage, and guided by the Council of Mages, made up of five archmagisters (including the Arch-Mage). The Arch-Mage and the Council of Mages are headquartered at the guild's Arcane University in the Imperial City. The Council decides important Guild policies, such as its policy on the use of Necromancy and also administers recruitment, sale of spells in each local guild hall, and the enforcement of Guild law. In addition, guild halls exist in most cities in Tamriel, each of which is run by a local Guildmagister.

Thieves Guild
The Thieves Guild is an organization for the gathering and training of those stealthy and shadowy in nature. Although criminal by its very definition, the local authorities often tolerate the existence of the guild as its presence often greatly decreases, if not eliminates, the more unstable or dangerous criminals.
Like any trade guild, the Thieves Guild is an organization of professionals, except that in this case the professionals are thieves, robbers, pickpockets, smugglers, and other enterprising operators. They don't have public guild halls, but in large towns they do tend to gather at a single location, such as a cornerclub, inn, or tradehouse. The Thieves Guild in Cyrodiil is a much more covert organization than the one in Morrowind. It is run by the mysterious Gray Fox, believed by some to be a supernatural being. In order to find it, you are either going to have to do some investigative work or spend some time in jail.

To join a faction simply press groups in the menu above. Then choose the faction you wish to belong to, press Join Group and await a PM from the faction leader.

For more information about the factions follow this link.
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... Factions
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