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 ... The Birthsigns of Tamriel

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PostSubject: ... The Birthsigns of Tamriel   Mon Aug 23, 2010 10:11 am

The beginners Guide to the Birthsigns of Tamriel

In Tamriel, a birthsign is the constellation under which a person is born. Each bestows upon those born under it unique magical powers, either passive or active, and may be perceived as either a "blessing" or a "curse". Although mostly a way to deepen the history of your character in the Elder Scrolls: Secret Stories, the birthsigns do have some advantages. This does however not affect your character or the game in any real sense, only in the way you might play.

The Apprentice is a birthsign which affects your Magicka, bestowing the Apprentice Birthsign ability, which has two permanent effects: it fortifies your magicka (increase your Magicka pool) as well as make you weak against magical attacks.

With the Atronach ability you don't regain Magicka over time. Instead you have a 50 percent chance of Spell Absorption to recharge your Magicka when you are hit by a magical attack.

The Lady's Blessing confers bonuses of 10 points to your Willpower and Endurance attributes.

Being born under the Lord gives you the Blood of the North lesser power to regenerate up to 90 points of Health. However, you also gain the Trollkin curse, a permanent 25 percent weakness to Fire.

Use the Lover's Kiss power once a day to Paralyze an opponent for 10 seconds.

The Mage ability confers a permanent bonus to your Magicka.

Those born under the Ritual use the Mara's Gift power once a day as a powerful Restore Health spell. The Blessed Word can turn the undead.

Gain the Serpent spell to cause a slow but potent poison on touch, while simultaneously curing yourself and dispelling magic on yourself.

Use the Moonshadow power once a day to become Invisible for 60 seconds.

The Steed ability grants a bonus of 20 to your Speed attribute.

The Thief ability grants a 10-point bonus to your Agility and Speed attributes.

With the Tower Key power, once a day open a door or container of Average lock level or less. The Tower Warden reflects five points of damage for 120 seconds once a day.

The Warrior ability grants a bonus of 10 points to your Strength and Endurance attributes.

For more information follow this link.
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... The Birthsigns of Tamriel
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