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 Skingrad Mages Guild

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PostSubject: Skingrad Mages Guild   Mon Aug 23, 2010 5:39 am

Skingrad Mages Guild

Skingrad Mages Guild is found in the north end of the city, beside the Fighters Guild and across from Colovian Traders.
It specializes in Destruction magic. The building is divided into Skingrad Mages Guild, Mages Guild Living Quarters, and Mages Guild Basement.

The front door of the Mages Guild reveals a small entrance with a doorway on each side, and a set of stairs beyond them on each side. Druja can often be found here. Through the doorway on the left, a small room holds only a lectern which contains clutter and/or a book. The lectern does not respawn. Vigge the Cautious can often be found here.
The door on the northwest wall leads to a small bedroom with a single bed available for Mages Guild members. The cupboard in the alcove can contain clothing, as do the two chests of drawers stacked opposite the cupboard. The chest beside them contains only clutter. All of the containers in this room respawn.
The door to the right upon entering the building reveals a large room where Sulinus Vassinus can often be found. The display case in the northern corner holds a copy of Magic from the Sky and a Welkynd Stone. The door opposite the case leads to the basement.
Both sets of stairs in the main entrance lead up to one large room where Adrienne Berene can often be found. In the northeastern end, two tables hold a full set of alchemy apparatus, and two empty soul gems - one lesser and one petty. The large bookshelf here holds two alembics, a retort, and a mortar and pestle. The stairs here lead up to the Living Quarters.
In the southwestern end, a single table holds another full set of alchemy apparatus as well as a petty soul gem. The large bookshelf here holds another alembic and mortar and pestle, and two calcinators.
In the central area of the room, two small bookshelves stand on each side of a stained glass window. The one on the left holds two more calcinators and a copy of The Wolf Queen, v 8, and the one on the right holds two weak poisons - one of burden and one of sickness, as well as a strong poison of severing. A few shelves up, theres a rare copy of Mysticism. The northernmost of the two large bookshelves contains more apparatus - two retorts, two calcinators, two mortar and pestles, and an alembic. The other holds another alembic, retort, and calcinator, as well as several ingredients - two ginkgo leaves, two ginseng, two columbine root pulp, and one sample of fire salts, bonemeal, and aloe vera leaves. The stairs in the north of the room lead up to the Living Quarters.

For more information follow this link.
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Skingrad Mages Guild
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