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 Leyawiin Mages Guild

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PostSubject: Leyawiin Mages Guild   Mon Aug 23, 2010 5:32 am

Leyawiin Mages Guild

Leyawiin Mages Guild is found on the west side of town, between Southern Books and the Blackwood Company Hall.
Leyawiin's Mages Guild specializes in Mysticism magic. The building is divided into five areas: Leyawiin Mages' Guild, Mages Guild 2nd Floor East, Mages Guild 2nd Floor West, Mages Guild 3rd Floor East, and Mages Guild Basement. The front door to Leyawiin's Mages Guild reveals an entrance room with a set of stairs leading up on the wall opposite the door. The table in the center of the room holds an alembic. Agata can often be found in this room.
The first door on the south wall opens into a small bedroom where Alves Uvenim can often be found. The bed on the far wall can be used by any Mages Guild member. The cupboard on the west wall can contains several pieces of clothing, and respawns. The bookshelf on this wall holds a steel shortsword and has a single gold coin sitting on top of it. The two sacks between the cupboard and bookshelf contain clutter, and do not respawn.
The first doorway on the north wall of the main entrance room reveals another bedroom, with another bed for Mages Guild members. On the table next to it sits a bread loaf. The bookshelf on the same wall holds an empty common soul gem, another steel shortsword and a single gold coin sits on top of it. There's also two handbills on the shelves: one from the Chapel of Zenithar and one from Southern Books. The sacks on the floor between the table and bookshelf hold only clutter, and do not respawn. The desk on the opposite wall holds a common book and/or clutter, and does respawn.
The open doorway on the south wall of the main entrance room, past the bedroom door, leads to a large room where Dagail and Kalthar can often be found. On the table in the southwest corner sits two calcinators, a mortar & pestle, two bread loaves, and a cheese wedge. The cupboard on the south wall contains drinks, and the shelf and drawers on the east wall holds clutter, food, and drinks. Both are respawning. On the table in the center of the room sits three apples, two sweetrolls, and a sample of grapes. On a southwestern windowsill lies a handbill from the Five Claws Lodge. If you walk on the windowsill you will hear splashing sounds as if you were in shallow water.
The alcove in the southeast corner holds four respawning barrels, all of which can contain clutter and/or a repair hammer. The chest can contain weapons and/or armor, and does not respawn; neither do the three sacks here, which all contain clutter. The door in the northwest corner leads to the Basement.
The open doorway on the north wall of the main entrance room, past the bedroom door, leads to a large room where S'drassa can often be found. After Tears of the Savior is completed, the display case in the southwest corner holds the five Garridan's Tears. The display case next to this one holds three Welkynd clusters, and cannot be opened in-game. On the table on the west wall sits a bowl with an empty greater soul gem in it. The cupboard in the northwest corner is empty, yet respawns, as does the chest beside it, which contains clutter. The desk in the center of the room has an apple, a steel war axe, and two steel daggers sitting on top. The cupboard behind the desk is also a respawning, empty container. The sacks in the corner here contain clutter, and do not respawn.
The alcove in the northeast corner has four barrels, all of which contain clutter and/or a repair hammer. The cupboard contains drinks. The chest here contains three bottles of Skooma and does not respawn; however, every other container in this room does.
The staircase on the west wall of the main entrance room leads up, first to a second floor balcony with doors to the 2nd Floor East on the north wall and 2nd Floor West on the south wall, and then further up to a third floor balcony with a door to the 3rd Floor East.

For more information follow this link.
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Leyawiin Mages Guild
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