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 The Balmora Silt Strider

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PostSubject: The Balmora Silt Strider   Mon Aug 02, 2010 7:15 am

The Balmora Silt Strider

Giant arthropods towering around 20 feet in height, domesticated Silt Striders are used primarily as a means of civilian transport in an elaborate network stretching between various cities on the island of Vvardenfell in Morrowind. Having no natural cavities in which passengers may safely repose, a compartment is hollowed from the creature's chitinous shell, wherein both passengers and their luggage are loaded. The Silt Strider itself is then moved by direct manipulation of exposed organs and tissues by its driver, commonly known as a caravaner. Apart from the transportation of passengers, Silt Striders are also employed in the shipment of trade goods. To that end, certain cities - most notably Gnisis and Molag Mar - have constructed Silt Strider docks to aid in the loading and unloading of cargo. While the dessicated remains of Silt Striders may be found in various parts of the Ashlands, little is known of the habits of Silt Striders in the wild, as no encounters with such have been recorded.

Selvil Sareloth is a male Dunmer caravaner whose Silt Strider is available for hire in Balmora.

Elder Scrolls Wikia entry on this location can be found here.
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The Balmora Silt Strider
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