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 Streets of Kvatch

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PostSubject: Streets of Kvatch   Mon Aug 23, 2010 5:15 am

Streets of Kvatch

Kvatch is a city in the hinterland of the Gold Coast between Anvil and Skingrad, built on top of a mountain.
Early history of Kvatch is present in Rislav The Righteous, wherein it states that the kingdoms of Kvatch and Skingrad were at a time of rivalry during the fifth century, until ending their skirmishing in 1E 472. Kvatch was under rule of King Justinius during this time, whose daughter Belene was wed to Prince Rislav of Skingrad (assumedly to make peace between the two kingdoms). Towards the end of the fifth century, The Kings of the Colovian West joined with Kvatch and Skingrad to resist the Alessian army and its Reform.
Sources show it was a major settlement when sacked by the Camoran Usurper in the 3E 249. During this assault, Antus Pinder led the defense of the city, and despite being defeated gravely, was given a statue in Kvatch to remember his courage and spirit.
The most recent ruling family of Kvatch is the Goldwine lineage. An unknown act caused the death of both sons of Count Haderus Goldwine in 3E 432, causing a short period of unrest in Kvatch. In the year 3E 433, the city was under the rule of Ormellius Goldwine.

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Streets of Kvatch
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