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 Chapel of Stendarr

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PostSubject: Chapel of Stendarr   Mon Aug 23, 2010 5:03 am

Chapel of Stendarr

Chapel of Stendarr is in the western end of Chorrol across from Jirolin Doran's house. This chapel specializes in Endurance and Strength.
The building is divided into the Chapel of Stendarr, the Chapel Hall, and the Chapel Undercroft.
With the Knights of the Nine official plug-in, a few books are added to this chapel, and two new people take up residence here. The differences are noted below.

The three front doors of the chapel reveal an entrance and the main room, two steps below and ahead. A short set of stairs in the middle of this area leads to a small hallway with two doors on the north wall to the Undercroft and the one on the south wall to the Chapel Hall. The large cathedral altar sits at the end of the main room, and an altar to each of the Nine Divines surround the main room. Otius Loran, Gureryne Selvilo, and Orag gra-Bargol can often be found here.

For more information follow this link.
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Chapel of Stendarr
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