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 Castle Chorrol

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PostSubject: Castle Chorrol   Mon Aug 23, 2010 5:02 am

Castle Chorrol

Castle Chorrol is a castle in the North-eastern part of Chorrol. It is the seat of the Countess of Chorrol, Countess Arriana Valga. Her daughter, Countess Alessia Caro of Leyawiin often visits her here.
The castle itself is made up of the Great Hall and the Private Quarters, with the North Tower, South Tower, East Tower, and West Tower surrounding these rooms, and the Arch Tower attached to the West Tower. The Barracks and Dungeon are housed in the southwest courtyard tower, and the Wall Tower North View and Wall Tower East View are on the northeast and southeast corners of the courtyard, respectively. The Northeast Wall Tower is on the city's wall directly north of the castle, and the Northwest Wall Tower is on the west side of the city's wall, west of the Chapel of Stendarr. The Southeast Wall Tower is directly south of the castle, and the Southwest Wall Tower is south of Jirolin Doran's house. The Gate Tower is two connected towers on either side of the main entrance from the Great Forest, on the south side of the city.

The entrance to Castle Chorrol Great Hall reveals a large, basically empty room with a large set of stairs at the opposite end. These stairs lead up to a short hallway. The door at the southwest end of the hall opens into a small bedroom with two single beds, one on the southwest wall and one on the northwest wall. The chest on the southeast corner holds only clutter.
The other doorway in the small hallway leads into the throne room. The throne sits on a raised dais in the northwest of the room, and two unlocked display cases behind it hold a wolf pelt and two bear pelts. A bookshelf in the north corner of the room holds a copy of Azura and the Box, a bottle of Cyrodilic brandy, and an alembic. Stairs on both the southwest and northeast walls lead up to a balcony on the northwest wall, with three doors that all lead to the private quarters. The display case on the northeast landing holds a copy of Mystery of Talara, v 5, while the display case on the southwest landing holds a varla stone.
The doorway in the east corner of the throne room reveals a large dining room. The table in the room seats eight and is set with eight strawberries, three tomatoes, two carrots, a loaf of bread, a cheese wedge, and a pumpkin.

For more information follow this link.
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Castle Chorrol
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