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 Chorrol Mages Guild

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PostSubject: Chorrol Mages Guild   Mon Aug 23, 2010 5:01 am

Chorrol Mages Guild

Chorrol Mages Guild is found on the north side of town, between the Fighters Guild Hall and Arborwatch. Chorrol's Mages Guild specializes in Conjuration magic. The first, second, third, and basement floors are divided into the Chorrol Mages Guild, the Mages Guild Library, the Mages Guild Living Quarters, and the Mages Guild Basement.

Directly across from the entrance to the Chorrol Mages Guild is the door to the Basement, below the stairs up to the Library. On the wall of the staircase is a display case with a flawless diamond and four greater soul gems containing a lesser soul each. In the alcove at the foot of the stairs another display case contains three empty soul gems – two common and one grand. The small display case in the southwest corner also contains a single empty greater soul gem. The table on the east wall holds two bottles of ale, a bottle of Tamika Vintage 399, a cheese wheel and a silver nugget. The display case near the southern door holds a copy of Mysticism. Teekeeus and Athragar can often be found in this room.
The door on the south wall leads to a room where Angalmo can often be found. On the counter across from the door are two empty soul gems – one petty and one lesser. The shelves behind the counter hold two calcinators, three mortar and pestles, three alembics, and three retorts. The respawning counter in the northeast corner contains apparatus, as does the one in the southwestern corner, which also has an alembic sitting on top. The display case on the west wall holds a copy of Origin of the Mages Guild, and the display case on the east wall holds three empty soul gems – two lesser and one grand – and two grand soul gems with greater souls.
The door on the east leads to a small room. The desk on the left holds a common book and/or clutter, and the cupboard on the facing wall holds food; both respawn. On the small bookshelf sits a cinnabar polypore yellow cap and a copy of the alchemy skill book A Game at Dinner. The large bookcase holds a copy of The Firmament and several ingredients samples – two green stain cup caps, two samples of garlic, a sample of tobacco, a clouded funnel cap, a leek, a pumpkin, and a rare sample of cinnabar polypore red cap – as well as two alembics, two mortar and pestles, a calcinator, and a retort.

For more information follow this link.
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Chorrol Mages Guild
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