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 Cheydinhal Castle

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PostSubject: Cheydinhal Castle   Mon Aug 23, 2010 4:36 am

Cheydinhal Castle

Cheydinhal Castle is on top of a hill in the northeast of Cheydinhal. It is the seat of the Count of Cheydinhal, Count Andel Indarys
The Castle is composed of the Cheydinhal Castle County Hall, Cheydinhal Castle Great Hall, Cheydinhal Castle Private Quarters, and the Cheydinhal Lord's Private Quarters. The tower in the southwest corner of the Castle's courtyard houses the Cheydinhal Castle Guard Barracks and the Cheydinhal Castle Dungeon.

The entrance to the county hall reveals a lavish entrance with flowering gardens throughout. A total of fifty-six fly amanita mushrooms can be found in these indoor gardens. The stairs opposite the entrance lead into a hallway with a doorway opposite into the throne room and a door at the west end of the hallway into a small bedroom. A crate containing clutter and two food barrels sit next to the door. The westernmost of the two beds against the south wall belongs to Ra'qanar. The eight sacks in this room all contain clutter, as does the crate on the north wall with a loaf of bread sitting on top. The three barrels on the north wall hold food, and the chest of drawers in the northwest corner contains clothing.
The throne room features two thrones on a dais at the north end of the room. In the northeast corner of the room, two barrels hold food next to a clutter chest. The sack on the floor in the corner, the two on the bookshelf, and the one on the table also contain clutter. In the northwest corner of the room another clutter sack sits between two bookshelves, and four gold pieces sit on the table. The stairs on the east and west ends of the room lead up to a balcony along the north wall. The door on the west end of the balcony leads to the Great Hall, and the door on the east end of the balcony leads to the private quarters.

For more information follow this link.
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Cheydinhal Castle
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