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 Bruma Mages Guild

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PostSubject: Bruma Mages Guild   Mon Aug 23, 2010 4:20 am

Bruma Mages Guild

Entering the front door of the Guild Hall reveals an entrance with a desk opposite the door. Two scrolls sit on top of the desk - one shield and one starlight. Facing the door, the large bookshelf on the right holds a novice mortar and pestle and calcinator, along with several common books. Facing the desk, the large bookshelf on the left holds only common books, while the small bookshelf on the right holds a minotaur horn as well as minor clutter and common books. The locked display case next to the entrance contains copies of Tamrielic Lore and Varieties of Daedra.
The open doorway next to this shelf leads to a small room with a table that holds a full set of novice apparatus, a respawning chest of drawers with clutter, and a staircase which leads down to one of two doors to the Living Quarters.
The other open doorway in the main entrance room leads to a small room with a respawning chest of drawers with clothing, two respawning chests that holds clutter, and two sets of stairs - one leading down to one of two doors to the Living Quarters, and one leading up.
The stairs leading up reveal Jeanne Frasoric's room. On her desk are three scrolls - one of starlight, one flare, and one snowball - as well as a novice calcinator and a copy of Mystery of Talara, v 5. The desk itself contains clutter and, during the Recommendation quest, Jeanne's personal copy of Manual of Spellcraft. The cupboard contains clothing. The chest of drawers contains only clutter, and the bookshelf next to it holds clutter, common books, and a silver dagger. The double bed can only be used by Jeanne, and the chest next to it holds only clutter. All of the containers in this room respawn.
In the main entrance room, there are two doors behind the desk. The door on the left opens on a small room where Selena Orania can often be found. The bookshelf against the right wall holds three potions - one potion of insight and two potions of healing - and three scrolls - one snowball and two starlight. On the counter are two empty soul gems - one petty and one lesser. On the shelves behind the counter are three alembics, two calcinators, three retorts, and three mortar and pestles. All of the items in this room belong to Selena.
The other door leads into a small room with a cupboard, six barrels and two untied sacks. They all contain food. The two tied sacks holds clutter. The three sacks on the wall opposite the door do not respawn; however, every other container in the room does. After A Plot Revealed, the Bruma Mages Guild is destroyed, and entering the building puts the player character into a completely different cell, so any items in these containers will be permanently inaccessible.

For more information follow this link.
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Bruma Mages Guild
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